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31st Dec Then and Now
6th Oct 100 Years of Pipe Bands in Camelon!
19th Sept Personnel Changes
5th May Preparations for the New Season

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31st Dec - Then and Now

During the course of our Centenary year, Camelon & District Pipe Band were honoured to be visited by Mrs Lynda Irvine and her mother Bessie - one of the daughters of the band's first Pipe Major, Dugald McLachlan. They met with some of the members of the current band, and in particular were pleased to see so many young people learning the pipes. They also gave the band some music written by Dugald for his daughters, and we hope to host them again in 2014 to have someone play the tunes for them; they have never actually heard them played!

Late in 2013, the band was also contacted by Mr George Dalgleish, who was a member of the band in 1958. This rather put the lie to our previous statement that Camelon Pipe Band disbanded in 1957! We have since corrected our error.

Mr Dalgleish also provided us with a picture of the band from the mid 1950s, taken while on parade. We were particularly happy to receive this as our gallery had a picture from 1915, one from the 1930s, and then one from 1990, but nothing from between those dates. This picture therefore fills in a gap in the band's history.

Camelon Pipe Band

Mr Dalgleish was also good enough to identify the members of the band in the picture. They are as follows:

Front Row: P/M Hugh Wilson, Tom McLeod, Jock Owens, Jock Bucannan
Second Row: Alister Coutts, George Dalgleish, Roy Thomson, Sandy Boyd
Third Row: Jock Morrison, Tom Shirra, Jock Wilson (Hugh's Father)
Fourth Row: Joe Donner (tenor), George Teasdale (bass)
Fifth Row: Herby Morrison (senior), Herby Morrison (junior), Billy Templeton, Ian White

Finally, on the 6th of October of this year, the pipe band celebrated our centenary with a ceilidh in the Ochiltree Club in Camelon. A photograph of the band taken on that night is below.

Camelon Pipe Band

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the band's Centenary Year, and all those who have supported us in the 100 years to date.

6th Oct - 100 Years of Pipe Bands in Camelon!

The original Camelon Pipe Band was formed in 1913, shortly before the outbreak of the First World War. That means that 2013 marks the centenary of that event.

To mark the centenary of the formation of Camelon Pipe Band, the current Camelon & District Pipe Band will be hosting a Centenary Ceilidh on Friday, the 15th of November 2013, in the Ochiltree Social Club, starting at 7:30pm. The event will feature a ceilidh, a buffet, a raffle, and a performance from Camelon & District Pipe Band. We hope to invite as many former members as possible to come and join the event, as well as anyone who wishes to help us mark this anniversary.

We hope to see you there!

19th Sept - Personnel Changes

At the band AGM on the 19th of September, Pipe Major Duncan Drew tendered his resignation, citing personal reasons. He remains with the band, but has stepped down as Pipe Major. We wish to offer him our thanks for all his hard work in the past year, and wish him all the best for the future.

At the AGM, Aly McNiven also stepped down as Treasurer due to pressures of time, and Lead Drummer Jimmy Moore elected to leave the band and pursue other opportunities. In both cases, we wish to thank them for their efforts.

On a happier note, the band elected Jimmy Gavin as Pipe Major, and John Callan has taken on the role of Lead Drummer on an interim basis. Much of the rest of the committee remains unchanged; full details can be found on the members page.

Regular practices have now resumed for the winter session. These take place on Monday and Thursday evenings, from 7pm to 9pm, and in Falkirk High School unless otherwise announced.

5th May - Preparations for the New Season

And we're back! I must apologise for the lack of recent updates - following the rather turbulent events at the end of last season, the band has spent a largely uneventful winter rebuilding and preparing for a new season ahead. This has been blessedly free of controversy, but the consequence of that is that there has been little of consequence to report here.

For the past several months, the band have been practicing hard, preparing for the new season ahead. The Pipe Major and Lead Drummer have been working their respective playing corps hard, and are hopeful that this hard work will start to pay off!