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21st Sept 2014 Steeple 200 with the Chillis
6th Sept 2014 Fundraising in the Town Centre
3rd Aug 2014 The Hugh Lindsay Memorial Cup
20th July 2014 Some More History Uncovered
1st June 2014 Competition Season Starts
4th May 2014 Weddings
1st May 2014 A Very Important Visitor
5th Apr 2014 Scottish Night
11th Feb 2014 Community Involvement

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21st Sept 2014 - Steeple 200 with the Chillis

As part of the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the Steeple in Falkirk, the band were invited to play on Sunday the 21st of September in the town centre.

Our day began in the morning with a parade through the pedestrianised section of the Town Centre to start the event. This commenced an event that featured several entertainments for the crowd: a play, other bands, and ourselves playing in the evening.

But the centre-piece of the day was a performance by the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, who took to the stage in the early evening. During the course of their set, we were invited onto the stage to play two tunes with them: Highland Cathedral and their version of Chasing Cars.

The Band with the Chillis

Playing alongside the Chillis was, of course, quite an experience. But perhaps the strongest impression of the event was the massive crowd - the entire Town Centre was packed with people:

Steeple 200 - the Crowd

All in all, it was a most enjoyable event.

And here's the video:

6th Sept 2014 - Fundraising in the Town Centre

The Band in the Town Centre

On Saturday, the Pipe Band spent the day playing in the town centre, playing in support of the local Charities Day, and taking the opportunity to raise some much-needed funds.

Of particular note, this day say the first outing for many of our young members with the band - many of whom came to us from the Falkirk Schools initiative. We were very glad to inherit so many youngsters with so much potential, but even more glad to see some of that potential start to pay off. It is perhaps hard to tell from the picture above, but on Saturday we were able to field seventeen pipers and eight drummers, and that with two pipers and two drummers missing!

In addition, the band raised some 1,000 for our funds. Our thanks therefore go out to all the members of the band who turned out, to the many parents and other helpers who ran the stall, to those who donated things for the stall, and of course to those in the local community who supported us during the day.

3rd Aug 2014 - The Hugh Lindsay Memorial Cup

The Hugh Lindsay Memorial CupIn 2012, the band were sad to report the passing of our Honorary President, Hugh Lindsay. On Sunday we were extremely proud to fulfil a long-held promise, and dedicate a cup in Hugh's honour. And so, at the Bridge of Allan Highland Games, the closest games to our home location, we donated The Hugh Lindsay Memorial Cup

The cup will be presented each year to the band that come second in the Grade 4 MSR competition, that being the grade at which we competed at the time of Hugh's passing.

As it happened, on the day of the competition Camelon & District came second in that grade, thus winning back the cup we had just donated. We like to think Hugh would have been very proud to see his cup won by his band in its inaugural competition.

20th July 2014 - Some More History Uncovered

The pipe band were recently contacted by Mrs Jennifer Blackstock and presented with an historical picture of the band. We believe this was taken in 1926.

Camelon Pipe Band in 1926

Unfortunately, due to the size of the image, some cropping has taken place during the scan, and sadly our webmaster's Photoshop skills aren't adequate to the task of scanning it in parts and stitching the image together. Consequently, two pipers have been cut from the right hand side of the image. (We have the original safely stored for future reference, of course!). However, several details can be seen in the image as it is, that may be of interest: the band in 1926 appears to have comprised nine pipers (in two ranks, a five and a four), four snare drummers, a tenor drummer, and a bass drummer; it is perhaps notable that the band in 1926 suffered the same difficulties in supplying all members with uniform as we do today - note the snare drummer in shirt and trousers! And note also the skin worn by the bass drummer, a distinct difference from the harnesses in use today.

We're very grateful to have received this image. As always, we would be very interested to receive any other such images, which will be scanned and added to the Gallery. If you have anything that you think might be of interest, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

1st June 2014 - Competition Season Starts

Like many pipe bands, Camelon & District are heavily involved in the RSPBA Competition Season. For us, the Season 2014 started on the 10th of May in Kinross, then Dunbar on the 17th. At the time of writing, we have just competed at the British Championships at Bathgate.

Thus far, it is fair to say that the results have not been entirely as we might have hoped. However, there are some signs of improvement from competition to competition. So the challenge, as always, is for each contest to see us play better than the one before. There's still a long way to go!

4th May 2014 - Weddings

On the 19th of April, and again on the 4th of May, Camelon & District Pipe Band were called on to play sets at the evening receptions for two weddings - one at Solsgirth House and the other at Glenbervie House. In each case, we played a short set for the arrival of the evening guests.

The Band at Glenbervie House

The pattern for events of this type is fairly similar in each case - the band arrive some time before we are due to play, and stay mostly out of sight. We proceed to tune up (though doing that quietly is difficult!), while making contact with a nominated contact at the venue - the Master of Ceremonies or Best Man is usually the best. Then, when the time is right, we move into the appropriate position and play, ideally placing ourselves so arriving guests are flanked by the band as they arrive.

We were quite fortunate that on both occasions the weather was kind to us. And so, on a pleasant summer evening we played for arriving guests.

It is fair to say, though, that we were not entirely without our critics:

Our critic

1st May 2014 - A Very Important Visitor

The band has been extremely busy these past few months, a fact that both belies and causes the recent lack of updates. In particular, we have been engaged in playing at weddings, doing fund-raising, and starting our competition season. But more on those events in another update.

On the evening of the 1st of May, Camelon & District Pipe Band were happy to welcome back two guests: Bessie (Betty) Roughead and Lynda Irvine, respectively the daughter and granddaughter of Dugald McLachlan, the band's first Pipe Major. They had previously visited last year, as part of our Centenary Celebrations, and had left behind music for two of three pieces Dugald had composed for his daughters. However, Dugald had never played the pieces for his daughters, and so Betty and the others had never actually heard them.

Over the winter, one of our pipers had learned the two tunes from the music, and so on the 1st of May he played these pieces for our guests. In addition, Betty and Lynda were presented with a print of the band photograph taken at our Centenary Ceilidh. They in turn presented the band with a donation, which we gratefully received.

We were, of course, very glad to meet Lynda and Betty again, and once again to be reminded of this tie to the history of the band.

Mrs Betty Roughead

5th Apr 2014 - Scottish Night

On Saturday the 5th of April, Camelon & District Pipe Band hosted a Scottish Night in the Ochiltree Club. The evening started with the first performance from some of our learners, and then proceeded with dancing, a performance from the band, a quiz, and raffle.

The event was completely sold out, and so we would like to thank all those who attended for their continuing support of the band. Thanks also must go to Bennetts Butchers of Dunblane who donated the pies for the evening.

A good time was had by all on the evening, and thus we hope to host other, similar events in the future.

11th Feb 2014 - Community Involvement

As part of our involvement in the local community, Camelon & District Pipe Band make an effort to help out other local groups. In the past we have played several times for the Seagull Trust, another local charity, and have on several occasions sent a piper to play at English as Second Language classes for local groups.

Just before Christmas we were contacted by the 2nd Polmont Rainbows, and asked if we would be able to send a piper along to demonstrate the insrument and uniform to the girls early in the New Year. To that end our chairperson, Stephen Moore, went along on the evening of Tuesday the 11th February. At that meeting he played several tunes for the girls, showed the various parts of the uniform, and explained a little about the history of the band. In turn, the Rainbows sang a Gaelic song for Stephen.

2nd Polmont Rainbows